Historic Cemetery Tour

  • Manhasset, Long Island
  • Jun 15, 2020 – Jul 04, 2020
  • Recurring daily
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A Living History Event in Nassau County, Long Island was videotaped on October 19, 2019. Formerly part of Queens County until Nassau County was formed in 1898, life was very different on the farms, fields and cow pastures of this now-bustling suburban town of paved roads and busy commercial streets. Go back in time to see how costumed re-enactors portrayed noteworthy residents from over 100 years ago. View our 18 minute video and learn about Manhasset's early history from Effie Crooks, a local woman letter carrier in 1898; Charlotte Cogswell, a woman art teacher in 1879 at the Cooper Union; Dr. William Horsefield, who discussed his pre-1900 dental practice; Father Charles Newbold, the minister who witnessed the church on fire; Lieutenant Henry B. McIlvaine, Civil War soldier visiting his infant daughter's grave; Louisa Wicks, a young mother who met her tragic end; Tinsmith Edward Wescott , a German Immigrant; and a Revolutionary War surgeon on Washington's staff, Dr. James Cogswell. These eight actors spoke to small groups of visitors on a beautiful fall day in the cemetery at Christ Church, Manhasset, while standing at their actual marked plots. This local history has been here, right under our noses, as we walked by or waited in our cars at the corner traffic light, never realizing how fascinating the lives were for those who went before us. Learning local history couldn't be easier and more engaging.

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  • Christ Church Manhasset
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